My Journey

Welcome Back!

It’s been a long 9 years but finally Technically Funny has been resurrected to fully milk the once great and full of potential tech blog that once was!

I created this blog as a place to write my thoughts on tech, games, comics and generally anything nerd related and it quickly turned into a great place for fellow nerds to share their thoughts, provide opinions and in turn we worked with some great brands such as Samsung, Anker, Gear4 and some tech startups, some that have succeeded massively and some which seem to have gone the way we did.

As well as our Youtube channel which gained a considerable following with our reviews and some cringe worthy skits (which you can find in our Archive playlist on the new Youtube channel) Technically Funny had a good thing going but like all good things in life, it had to come to an end. 
HOWEVER, after my 9 year hiatus, I found that the original domain for became available again and, well, here we are, back once again like the renegade master. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, alot of the images and videos we had have been lost in the ether so this will be a fresh start with almost zero past content to start with.
Only time will tell if we will ever reach the heights from 9 years ago but for now, I will post articles, news, videos and anything else I deem funny/interesting and it would be great if you can join us for this rebirth of all rebirths.
It’s good to be back

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