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Instagram is FINALLY dropping the IGTV button

How many times have you been using Instagram and you tap that incredibly out of place and annoying IGTV icon in the top right corner instead of the DM icon? Well, if the answer is like mine: MANY TIMES, then you are in luck as Instagram has confirmed they are dropping the button from the home screen as they have found that very few people were tapping it.

This is a very welcome change but also not great news for the IGTV service introduced back in 2018. This seems to add to the view that Facebook do not see IGTV as much of a priority as they used to and as they have struggled to get the platform going with TikTok becoming the new go to video platform, the move makes sense.

It just means you will have to dig a little deeper if you really do need that IGTV fix and there is always the standalone IGTV app in the app store if you really do miss it that much!

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