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TikTok is letting parents set how much time their kids can spend on the app

TikTok understands how easy it is to spend hours sitting around and watching videos, so the company is giving parents more control over how long their kids can spend on the app.

Under the new Family Safety Mode, parents will be able to control how long their children can spend on TikTok, according to a new blog post from Cormac Keenan, head of trust and safety at EMEA. The goal is to encourage people to develop “a healthy relationship with online apps and services.”

This is just one of the new initiatives that people may see pop up on their timeline. The company also teamed up with some of its most-followed personalities to create videos that remind people to get off TikTok. These videos tend to appear after someone has spent a lengthy bit of time watching videos nonstop. (Anecdotally, I got one of these videos last night and simply scrolled past it to the next video.) Those not in Family Safety Mode can scroll past the videos, but people using TikTok with parental controls won’t be able to watch any longer.

We will keep introducing ways to keep our community safe so they can stay focused on what matters to them — creating, sharing, and enjoying the creativity of TikTok’s community,” TikTok’s blog post reads.

TikTok’s Family Safety Mode will also allow parents to restrict who can send their kid a direct message or turn off the option to direct message completely. They can also restrict the type of content children can see while using the app. Family Safety Mode is currently available in the UK, but it will roll out to other markets in the coming weeks

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