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Disney+ Sign-Ups now live for UK users

Disney+ is launching on March 24 in the UK at £5.99 a month, but that won’t stop us from getting even more excited about the launch. Marvel and all comic book fans will be pleased to know that there is a large collection of TV shows already announced to be released on Disney+ over the next couple of years.

Each show is expected to have an incredibly large budget that matches the big-screen counterparts, and the shows could also link to future film releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The first Marvel show we’re getting will be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, an original series starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as their respective characters.

To add to the excitement, Disney is currently offering an annual subscription for less than £50. This is a £10 discount on the normal price and effectively makes your monthly cost just £4.16. This is a massive deal and definitely worth considering if you’re interested in Disney+, especially since it undercuts the cost of rival services such as Netflix or NOW TV.

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