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Nintendo lets Japanese gamers build their own Joy-Con color schemes

Nintendo has been known for its penchant for colorful hardware since it launched the Play It Loud series of Game Boys in 1995. The Switch is no exception — the console’s Joy-Con controllers and straps come in a variety of eye-popping colors. The company is letting new Switch customers create their own made-to-order color scheme bundles with a bunch of new color options– at least in Japan. This will help gamers achieve the style they want without forcing them to buy extra Joy-Cons — plus, the Joy-Con straps are available in some exclusive colors.

It seems like Nintendo has played with Switch custom Joy-Con bundles before, but it looks like this is the first time that you can get one of the new versions of the Switch with its improved battery. If buyers in Japan choose the older Switch, they get a ¥3,000 voucher (about $30) to make up for the less impressive battery life. Next, Nintendo presents 10 color options for left and right Joy-Cons and seven options for straps. Several add-ons are also available — such as microSD cards, pre-loaded games and Pro Controllers — so gamers are all set to play as soon as their Switch comes in the mail.

While it’s disappointing that this option is only available in Japan, it’s a welcome solution. If gamers wanted a color scheme other than the all-black or red-and-blue ones that are available at retail, they would have to buy at least one new set of Joy-Cons, which cost $80. Even then, those only come with black straps — Nintendo’s new ordering system lets gamers choose from a variety of stap colors. We don’t know if similar options will be available outside of Japan, but it would probably be a smart decision for the company — as would making some much-requested transparent Joy-Cons.

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