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iPhone 12 Pro details leaked

Significant details on the iPhone 12 Pro have been leaked online, with the flagship phones said to be coming with display, camera, battery and Face ID improvements.

The screen on both the 6.1 and 6.7-inch Apple models is claimed to be capable of a 120Hz refresh rate, with the ability to switch down to 60Hz dynamically to conserve battery life (much like the iPad Pro).

The batteries will also be improved (over the iPhone 11 Pro equivalents), with the 6.7-inch 12 Pro said to come with a 4,400mAh battery in order to maintain long charge life even with more features.

As well as the smaller notch design previously rumoured, Face ID will reportedly adopt a wider field of view, in order to unlock the iPhone even when more obtusely angled.

And, rear camera changes including an upgrade to 3x zoom (over the 2x zoom on current models). We have also already heard about the LiDAR scanner on back, while autofocus, low-light photography performance, and Smart HDR are tipped for enhancements too.

The latest round of rumours came from Max Weinbach and a video posted by EverythingApplePro, which you can see below.

The iPhone 12 Pro is currently thought to be coming in late September, possibly October (if rumoured delays to the supply chain turn out to be real).

Excitingly though, the iPhone 12 range is said to feature or comprise the first 5G handsets from Apple.

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