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New displays, new sizes, new specs, new cameras, new everything

So theres a bunch of stuff that Apple are due to announce and as we are now into the iPhone month, the rumour mill is in full swing. Lets go through what we expect to come in the next Apple Keynote (whenever that may be)

The Phones

So we are expecting 4 models in total as below

  • iPHONE 12This one is looking to be a new, smaller addition coming in at a smaller size than this years iPhone SE with a 5.4 inch screen but keeping the new notched display.
  • iPHONE 12 (a bigger one)Similar in size to the iPhone 11 with a 6.1 inch screen
  • iPHONE 12 PROThe flagship device, again with a 6.1 inch display but with higher end specs
  • iPHONE 12 PRO MAX The best of the best, coming in at a giant 6.7 inch display

Thats a lot of phones considering we are in the middle of a pandemic and funds are tight for a lot of people around the world but hey, capitalism right?

The Design

So we know how many phones and how big they will be but what about design? We have seen the same basic design philosophy since the iPhone 6 with some changes here and there but now it looks like Apple is going back to the iPhone 4 for some inspiration, as it seems the flat, industrial sides are back and if the below images are accurate, these will be the nicest looking iPhones we have had for a very long time.

Image: MacRumors

Bloomberg are saying that the iPhone 12 will have squared off edges using aluminium but the Pro versions will have steel sides. Size wise, the below render from MacRumors offers a great perspective


New Features

So with new iPhones come new features specific to these devices and although the new features dont come in droves, there are some interesting additions.

The first big one is 5G support. Reports are conflicting but it seems that every iPhone 12 variant will be 5G compatible in some form. It may be that the pro models support both versions of 5G (the long range Sub-6hz and the shorter range but faster mmWave) but we wont really know until the 15th September when Apple takes to the stage.

The next big feature is the OLED display in every device. Previously the OLED display was reserved for the Pro models but it seems that this time every phone is getting the much better display. Of course the Pro models still need something to keep them enticing and that will be a 120hz refresh rate display. Im assuming this will be implemented the same way as it has been on the iPad Pro with a “Pro Motion” moniker. This doesn’t lock the display to 120hz but is variable so will turn up the refresh rate on compatible apps etc.

The final new hardware feature is just for the pro models, with the LIDAR sensor next to the cameras on the back. Apple already did this with the 2020 iPad Pro but it seems they are wanting to bring Augmented Reality to the masses by adding the LIDAR sensor to the iPhone.

No Charger or headphones in the box

Thats right, A LOT of reports seem to indicate that Apple will no longer supply a charging brick or headphones in the box. A classic Apple practice of creating a problem and selling the solution, Apple will be selling a 20W fast charger as an accessory so if you want a decent charger for your thousand pound iPhone, you will have to buy one separately. No doubt Apple will market this as a positive in that they are saving the environment by reducing wastage but its still hard to swallow considering the prices these phones will retail for.

Anything else?

In regards to storage space, it seems that Apple are sticking with 64GB base storage for the iPhone 12 and starting at a base of 128GB for the 12 Pro. They will all likely have a new A14 Bionic processor which, considering the A13 is still crushing the best offering from the Snapdragon range, is only going to make these new phones super fast.

Pricing is still up in the air due to Apple introducing the smaller iPhone 12 model. Rumours seem to think this will start at £699 moving up to £999 for the smaller 12 Pro.

One more thing…

Apple have announced an event for the 15th September but it is unclear if this will be for the iPhone 12 launch. A new iPad with an iPad Pro like design and 2 new Apple Watches are also touted to be coming soon along with some over head Air Pods and Apples location trackers; the Air Tag. Even Apples seemingly abandoned Air Power wireless charging mat is rumoured to be coming back. Theres a very good chance we will see the “One More Thing” on the 15th!

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