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Apple did a thing. Here’s all their new stuff

So Apples “Time Flies” event happened today and in a curveball, they did not reveal the iPhone 12, instead opting to dedicate the event to the Apple Watch and the iPads. This means we will now most likely get another event next month for the new range of smartphones but for now, we have some new Apple tech to peruse. Here’s everything Apple announced.

Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE

So first things first, as expected, Apple officially announced the Apple Watch Series 6. It has the same design as the series 5, a new processor based off of the A13 bionic from the iPhone 11 bringing a power and processing upgrade for their first time since the Series 4. The new marquee feature here is the blood oxygen sensor which can measure your blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds.

Another new sensor is the always-on altimeter, which provides real-time elevation information. Apple says it is accurate down to a foot of measurement.

There also some new colours available for the Series 6: gray, silver, gold, or blue aluminum finishes or a new Product (RED) version available for the first time on the Apple Watch.

Apple Sport Loop sizes

In addition to the watch, Apple revealed a new band which has no clasps. A one piece band that comes in a variety of sizes so you can find the right one for you. It comes in a braided version made of recycled yarn or the traditional sport band version.

The Series 6 is the same price as the Series 5, starting at £379. Available to order now for shipping on September 24th.

We also got the mid range Apple Watch SE which is more of an interesting proposition. Starting at £269, It’s basically the same as the Series 5 but without the ECG function. It comes in a few colours and has a cellular version as well.

The base Apple Watch Series 3 continues to be the entry level watch for Apple coming in at £199.

New Apple Watch Range

Apple introduced some Watch centric services too. The Family Setup feature. With Family Setup, you can use your iPhone to pair watches for your children or older adults who don’t have their own iPhone. The connected watches can then communicate with each other and if you link your kids, you can limit who they can contact and ensure you can see where they are using the location feature.

Apple Fitness +

The final big new service to tie into the Apple Watch is Apple Fitness +. This is essentially Apples own Peleton service but it runs off of your Apple Watch. Using the app, you select a workout to display on your phone or your Apple TV and your fitness metrics on your watch are displayed on the screen.

The service will cost £9.99 a month or £79.99 a year and launches at the tail end of year. Apple promise that all the main workouts will be there at launch including treadmill, cycle, HIT and strength workouts.

That was a lot already, you can see why they dedicated a whole event for this, onto the next bit of hardware.

Apple iPad 8th Gen & Apple iPad Air

Apple kept it simple here, the iPad 8th Gen keeps the same design as the current base iPad, coming in at the usual price of £329, the new iPad now has the A12 Bionic, Neural Engine Machine learning and still works with the 1st Gen Apple Pencil. Great entry level iPad

The big iPad news of the day comes with the new iPad Air. This now has the same minimised bezel design of the iPad Pro, the Touch ID sensor now has moved to the power/stand by button and comes packed with the all new A14 Bionic processor which I can assume will also be powering the new iPhones.

The new Air also supports the 2nd gen Apple Pencil, has the magnetic strip to store and charge the Apple Pencil and is compatible with the Magic Keyboard

The Air also sports a USB-C port and stereo speakers, borrowing more from the iPad Pro series. Price wise the Air starts at £579 for the 64GB version and £769 for the 256GB variant. It comes out in October and is available to pre order now.

Apple One

Finally, Apple launched a service to rule all Apple Services. Apple One has been rumoured for along time now and here Apple confirm a subscription that brings together all their services in to one sole monthly cost. It comes in 3 different tiers which will determine what services you get.

As you can see below, you will need the premium bundle to have all of Apples services which includes Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and the newly announced Apple Fitness+. You also get 2 terabytes of iCloud storage on the premium plan.

Apple One purchases come with 30-day free trials for apps that people don’t have already, according to a press release. Customers will be charged once a month for all services that are included in their bundle, and they can change or cancel the plan they’re on at any time. Customers who choose either the Family or Premier plans can add up to six family members. Apple One will be available At the end of the year, most likely once Apple Fitness+ has launched.

And that’s it! No new iPhones but we can surely expect another event next month for those and Apple are always keen on keeping there hype training running as long as possible. Onto the next event…The Sony PlayStation 5.

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