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Here’s all you need to know about price, release date and new games from Sonys event

So we’ve all known about the design of the PS5 and its new dual sense controller. wee also known about some launch games however the main two things that have eluded us has been the price and release date. As Xbox let the cat out the bag on their next gen prices last week, today, we finally got the info we needed from Sony


And there it is! £360 for the digital edition and £450 for the disc version. About as expected but the Xbox Series S and X are priced better and do come with that awesome value for money Gamespass Ultimate.

As for release date, instead of a worldwide release, Sony are opting for 2 release dates. The first is November 12th for the US, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The second is 19th November for the rest of the world


Before the event started, we were hearing some rumours that God of War 2 may be coming along for the ride and that was true. Ragnorok is coming 2021 and that’s all we got. I’m sure a full trailer will follow soon. We also got a look at Final Fantasy 16 but other than that, all the games shown were already revealed or announced titles.


In a bid to counter Microsofts Gamespass offering, Sony have opted for a new service called PlayStation Plus Collection. This essentially bundles games together for PS Plus users to access and download whenever they want. The majority of confirmed games like Detroit: Become Human or Last Of Us Remastered were already games that were free at one point as part of the Playstion Plus monthly free games but you do get God Of War included.

We are waiting on some more information on what else the PS Plus Collection may contain and also when preorders start but at least we finally have the price and release dates. Let the preorders commence!

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