My Journey


Welcome to the shit show that is the new year

Hi all, wishing you a happy new year and just wanted to provide a quick update on Technically Footy.

Over the last year, I have relaunched the site, the YouTube channel  and also worked with some brands in the tech industry.

The progress and work swiftly slowed down as the COVID pandemic was in full swing and review units became scarce and brands were rightfully focusing on internal safety instead of providing review units to small time tech sites. Of course, being the capitalist industry that tech is, new products still came thick and fast so I continued in making videos and writing and posting on the instagram as much as possible. 

During the Christmas break, it dawned on me that I just wasn’t enjoying technology anymore. All smartphones were just the same crap rehashed with a higher price tag. Scalpers were abusing the new console generation launch. COVID was taking lives with impunity and yet the new, unimaginative yet expensive products came almost weekly. 

I guess I’m just tired. With events since March being largely bottled and buried inside me finally coming back up to the surface, I’ve taken a break from social media which has helped a great deal but the tiredness of current events, lack of any hope in leadership or humanity in general and the never ending feeling of dread and chaos persists.

So, going forward, I wont be emailing and begging brands for review units. I will take whatever interests me and write about it, most likely ranting about it because there’s too much shit right now that’s just not acceptable. This wont always be tech or football. So the site name and logo etc will change. What that will be I don’t know but you will once you see it. As for the instagram page, I finally hit over 1k follows so I may just keep that going just for tech updates, we’ll see.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane. 

Peace x


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