My Journey


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I hope you are well and thanks for reaching this far in my musings about my Islamic enlightenment! Alhumdulillah we have now reached present day and from this point forward, I will mostly just be covering the little changes I have made in my day to day and what I’m hoping to do next.

One of the first books I read after my dream was the most accurate English translation of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) biography. The life of the prophet really hit home and I started to understand all the little things he used to do and why. Every thing he did, from the seemingly inconsequential things to the full on battle/war things were for a reason: to teach us. There would be no messenger after him so he had the job to set examples not just for his companions, but for literally every single human that would come after him.

Some things I started doing. At first it was just to see how I would feel but I instantly started to enjoy following the Sunna and now I dread the thought of not doing them.

The big one for me was fasting. I now fast on Mondays and Thursdays and have been doing so for a couple of months. Yes it does help that we are in winter and the days are short so the fasting hours are not difficult at all. But the test for me was the fact that these fasts were not for Ramadan or done for some special event to wipe my sins. These fasts were simply because I wanted to copy what my prophet did.

I also started using black seed oil for my beard, doing wudu the Sunnah way and reading Sunnah duas during day to day situations. I’ve also started doing more character building within myself. I try to not talk about any other person unless I am saying something positive about them and a really big one for me, I am trying to stop swearing. This has definitely been the hardest one for me astagfurallah lol!

You see what I’ve learned over everything is connection. We need connection. I was raised a Muslim, In a Muslim family with a Pakistani background and culture. I’ve been surrounded by Islam from birth to now yet I lacked a connection to my Deen.

It really is as simple as that. After my dream, I started reading my 5 daily prayers and started to memorise the English translation of the prayers so I knew what I was reciting when I was reciting and this connected me to Allah.

I taught myself tajweed rules for the Quran and started reading the Quran after Fajr every day and now my connection to the Quran is stronger then it ever has been in my life.

I started following some Sunnah’s of my prophet and I feel more connected to him then some humans in my life that are still alive.

My past life. The life of sinning and ignorance despite calling myself a Muslim? I lacked a connection. I knew the basics and fundamentals but was never connected to my lord or his words or his messenger. This is what has changed for me and what has kicked off my journey.

But it doesn’t stop at establishing a connection. The struggle is to keep the connection and to improve and Strengthen the connection. This is where the dunya comes in. Wordly affairs are specifically designed to disrupt your direct line to your deen. Life will make you focus on your job, social life, financial situation etc over anything else. This is where our connection fails and we fall into ignorance.

Another thing I have learned from the fantastic books and webinars I have been attending is the concept of dunya and deen. Essentially, we need to learn to separate dunya from deen and understand within ourselves when we need to refocus. For example, anything outside of my Deen that has no impact or consequence for my connection to my lord is a dunya problem. It will always take a backseat to anything deen related I need to do. If I started worrying about an up coming work presentation so much that I stop remembering my lord and just stress over work? That’s a dunya issue and I’m letting it effect my Deen. Knowing this allows me to refocus my attention and go back to my Deen and ask my creator for help instead of stressing.

This thought process has changed my life amongst all the other things I have written about. The stresses and worries of this world take a back seat and you can put more trust into Allah to handle your affairs for you as he will always know best and he will always want good for you.

Of course following all the above all at once has been a big change for me and my family and I still do find myself sometimes slipping back into old habits but alhumdulillah I now have the foresight to know when this is happening and simply go back to reciting some dhikr and remembering my lord and just like that, this euphoric feeling I’ve had since my dream returns.

When I recite the Quran I feel like I’m on a high. I look forward to my 5 daily prayers. I’m excited about Mondays and Thursdays when I get to fast to emulate my prophet. Alhumdulillah I never thought I would ever be in this state of mind but I thank my lord everyday that I am. My regret is not having this sooner!

All it takes is a connection. Once you have it, you’ll feel it. Your soul will yearn for it, your heart will never want the feeling to go. You will feel comfort knowing that the angels themselves are with you whenever you strive to remember your lord. I don’t know about you, But I will always take a shout out from the angels then from any random worldly celebrity any day!

I think that’s enough for this entry. I’m looking for some new books to buy and webinars to watch so if you happen to have any recommendations, let me know. Until next time, peace be upon you friend.

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